#BAD10 – Blog Action Day 2010

(This text is for this year’s Blog Action Day focussing on Water issues)


In every part of the world, everyone encounters the water issues. There are not just millions, but billions of people worldwide who lack access to drinking water, clean and potable water.

Keep it clean!

The world is now facing a big problem with the matter of water source, thus this is not surprising that a few years ago Madagascar sold water for a arabic country (Saudi Arabia).

Water is very, very expensive. Plus, the South part of Madagascar is suffering of lack of water. They must buy water far away of their house, and then bring it back home on a cart pulled by donkeys.

Therefore, moderate use of water is needed, we shouldn’t waste water, and should keep it drinking.

Everyone have responsability for that, whether the government with the control of city expansion, or the farmers, the industries and climat changes.

a rice field

Because, only the good gestion of water source, the good protection and the water distribution to be safe drinking is the only way to reach this goal.

The « Re-use of wastewater to water the rice fields, after filtering it successively with charcoal and sand » because “If there is no water, there is no life

Do you know what is the least owned sanitation?

Latrines (WC) are the least owned sanitation in the world.

In Mananjary (Madagascar), people « shit » at the seaside because there is no toilet. Then they cover it with sand. And what about its consequences on our water? Some cultures neglet the toilets. It’s because of the lack of order in some cities that sanitary infrastructures are neglected:

there is no latrine, or better toilets. In the case of Southern area of Madagascar, they suffer of the lack of water. They need to buy water brought to them by car, or cart pulled by donkeys because there is no local water source. There’s mostly desert.

Water is responsible of many things –  health, economy, society, etc…

Most of the time, officials don’t care about the reality happening because of political reasons. This includes several ministry: Water and Forest, Environment (fight against forest firing), Land Use & Development, Health department.

what attitude to adopt to avoid this kind of thing?

co-writters: Avylavitra and FCandy